Making multiple rooms into one big room with an open concept, by resurfacing the ceiling and walls with plaster.
EIFS repair to a column
EIFS repair to a door that was hit by a runaway tire from the highway
Resurfacing this thickly textured ceiling and cove
House built in 1906 with beautiful wood cornice in living room. New lightweight plaster board overlay, with a plaster stop bead that saved the cornice.
Big resurface job on this -Living room/kitchen/dining room ceiling 40.5’x 15’
Basement ceiling and walls patched back together after water damage
1910 Illinois Farmhouse- Ceiling and plaster cove repair after a storm caused the ceiling in the living room to collapse.
Restoring the smooth plaster ceilings in this 126 year old house.
Just a few different patch jobs from this summer.
Before and after on a kitchen and bathroom refinishing job
New master bath and closet remodel with sandfinish plaster ceiling and walls
Plastering the kitchen in a historic house built in 1888.
Bringing three ceilings together into one big room after the walls are removed.
Deep groove swirl texture
Cove repair
Acoustic spray texture patch
Water damaged sandfinish
Living room and dining room plaster restoration
Trying out the the new Tape-tech Finishing Blade
Acoustic spray texture patch on the peak of this ceiling
The finished product on this basement walls and celilings
This is a large basement ceiling that seemed to just keep going.
House was built in 1907, with beautiful stained glass windows in the stairwell.
Repairing plaster in this 110 year old house. Check out the horse hair embedded in the plaster.
Repairing these walls in a garage today after they drilled dozens of holes to blow in insulation.
Old masonry wall under window with water damage. Scratch, brown and finish cote.
Just a couple holes to repair in this plaster ceiling to run some new electrical.
Bedroom ceiling resurfaced
Refinishing the walls in all the rooms of this house after wallpaper removed.
Kitchen and Dining room ceiling and walls.
Deep groove swirl patches
Living room ceiling
House on the lake needed a lot of plaster repair and detailed work around wood beams and wood ceilings.
E.I.F.S. "Exterior insulated Finishing system" on the columns and back wall of this pool house.
Plaster cove with a deep groove line swirl on the ceiling.
Plastering a 30x40 garage ceiling and walls with a one coat skip trowel.
Matching a splatter knockdown texture in a basement.
Skip trowel texture on the walls and sand finish ceilings.
Bathroom plaster restoration.
E.I.F.S Exterior insulated Finishing system on an edition.
Plaster arch restoration
Temple damaged wall and ceiling needed some help in this dining room.
Just a little star stomp pattern patching on this one.
Termite damaged wall and ceiling needed some help in this dining room.
First picture doesn't look too bad but it quickly gets much worse before it get better.
Curved stairwell over metal lathe and wood lathe.
Bedroom resurfacing job today.
Plaster patching under windows and the plaster is applied over the brick.
Plastering over the brick in an old building in downstown St. Louis.
The before pictures from the cove repair. Look closely and you can see the concrete chimney cap coming down through the rafters.
Resurfacing bathroom walls after tile is removed.
Smooth plaster repair in an old house in St. Louis
Resurface the existing plaster ceiling and walls and new metal corner beads.
Making the basecote.
Plumbing leak in living room ceiling.
Matching a heavy skip trowel texture.
Plaster repair all over this customer's house they were getting ready to repaint
Bedroom ceiling with multiple cracks running everywhere.
Sand finish plaster repair.
Garage ceiling water damage.
Garage wall sand finish patch.
This is a texture matching job we just completed.
Popcorn ceilings no more, New sand finish plaster ceiling.
Plaster Cove repair.
Matching up a heavy texture in a bedroom.
Cove repair.
Water damaged acoustic spray ceiling in bedroom patch and repair.
Formerly a popcorn ceiling now a sandfinish plaster.
Cove Repair.
Finished Cove and heavy texture Repair.